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Digital Content Producer at Airbnb. Former Digital Content Lead at Hillary for Virginia and Digital Content & Creative Strategist at Hillary for America Headquarters. Award-winning journalist. Graduate of the Louisiana State University Manship School of Mass Communication. Unwavering advocate for racial and reproductive justice. Unapologetic black feminist. Fighter, forever. 

Telling the stories behind the people, policies and events that drove Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign

These moms are turning grief into action-and reclaiming the narrative around their children's deaths

Mother of Sandra Bland Chicago, Illinois How did you decide to start traveling around the country, and what are you trying to do? I have joined together with several other mothers who have lost children. We are the Mothers of the Movement.

Moms who lost their children to gun violence and police actions share why they support Hillary Clinton

In the middle of a live TV town hall from Columbia, South Carolina, Hillary Clinton took a moment to acknowledge five women in the audience. She explained: "These five women have lost children to police actions and to random senseless gun violence, and there's no doubt that in each case ...

Hillary Clinton sat down with women whose children have been killed, including the mothers of Eric Garner and Dontre Hamilton.

For Gwen Carr and Maria Hamilton, reforming our criminal justice system is deeply personal. Carr's son, Eric Garner, suffocated in police custody. Hamilton's son, Dontre, was shot 14 times. Both men were unarmed. Carr and Hamilton have united with other mothers whose children have been killed, and together, they've turned their grief into a sweeping effort to reform our criminal justice system.

Why John Lewis is supporting Hillary Clinton for president

Congressman John Lewis stood backstage in the auditorium at Clark Atlanta University, one of the oldest historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in Georgia, watching as excited students and members of the Atlanta community packed into the auditorium, ready to launch African Americans for Hillary.

Everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton's trip to Flint in 2 sentences*

Hillary Clinton went to Flint, Michigan, to talk directly with residents about how the water crisis, an issue close to her heart, has affected their lives.

What an ice cream shop in New York City shows about the need for criminal justice reform

More than 650,000 people are released from prison every year. Many of these people have an incredibly difficult time getting back on their feet: Surveys show 60 percent of former prisoners experience long-term unemployment. Hillary hasa plan to reform the criminal justice system, end the era of mass incarceration, and give people who have served time a second chance-people like Mikey Cole.

2016 stories

Tens of millions of votes will be cast during the 2016 presidential election. And behind the vote totals, the margins of victory, and the delegate counts are the individual votes themselves. Each one of those votes tells a story.

An insurance company dropped this woman because she had a stroke-and it wasn't against the rules.

"I was walking to class, and all of a sudden the left side of my body went numb, and I couldn't form words," she says. "It was the first time I had ever been sick. I was so scared." Aqualyn recovered from her stroke, but her health problems persisted.

How our education system is leaving the most vulnerable children behind, in 9 charts

At a recent campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina, Hillary Clinton underscored the need to break down all of the barriers that hold people back-including barriers to getting a world-class education. "Education should be a great door-opener, and yet we know it often doesn't turn out that way," she said.

What needs to change about Wall Street in 6 words (and some charts)

Hillary recently announced her plan to reform Wall Street, address dangerous risks in our financial system, and-here comes a really big one-prevent another financial crisis. We sat down with our colleagues Mike Shapiro and Mike Schmidt from the economic policy squad (known around the office as "the Economikes") to talk about what her plan would do-and why this issue is so important.

When Donald Trump seeks to divide America with hate and fear, here is Hillary Clinton's response.

She called him out for his racist comments on immigrants and denounced his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the country. And as the violence at Trump's rallies escalates, Hillary continues to speak out-laying the blame exactly where it belongs. "What Trump has done is like a case of political arson," Hillary said.

You can't confront income inequality without confronting gender inequality.

At an event with NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton reminded the crowd that abortion rights aren't only a health issue-they're also an economic issue. "All women deserve to have access to the health services and choices they are entitled to," Hillary said.

How Hillary Clinton helped a program that's changing lives for New York's most vulnerable children

In 2004, David Banks saw a crisis worsening in his community: Young men of color in his hometown, New York City, weren't being given opportunities to succeed. "The high school graduation rate was only around 30 percent," Banks says. "We were watching so many young men finding themselves caught up in the criminal justice system, not reaching their full potential."

Hillary Clinton's agenda for environmental justice draws on her years of experience as a senator

In July 2007, Hillary Clinton made history by holding the first-ever Senate hearing on environmental justice. "Today," Hillary said in her opening statement, "millions live in fear that the air is unsafe to breathe, the water unfit to drink, their home unhealthy to raise their children in.

Why Hillary Clinton gave clean cookstoves to millions of women around the world

While visiting a hospital in Camden, New Jersey, Hillary Clinton stopped to chat with a group of nurses-and got an unexpected compliment. The nurse thanked Hillary for working as secretary of state to eliminate one of the biggest killers in world-respiratory illness, which disproportionately impacts women and girls.

Hillary Clinton went on BuzzFeed's "Another Round" podcast. Here's the video you didn't see.

Hillary talks sexism in the workplace, racial justice, and perspiration.

This is what an official Hillary for America "Woman Card" gets you

If you've been searching for the "woman card" that Donald Trump says is the only reason Hillary Clinton has two million more votes than he does, look no further: The official Hillary for America Woman Card is here! Click here to get your woman card today!